Winter Printables

Ready, Set, Snow!

In celebration of the Winter season, we have Winter-related Read and Do Activities to download for free that help kids further learn about the reading experience.
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New Year's reading Resolutions

Calling All Preschoolers!

Preschoolers and early readers rejoice! The Give Me Twenty spring challenge is THE challenge for building reading-readiness skills and develop an at-home reading routine.
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Crazy Little Thing Called Reading Giveaway

Read Your Heart Out

On February 6, take advantage of all that your local library has to offer by taking your child(ren) to the library. We highlight the day's importance while providing information on how to get involved.
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Teacher Dashboard

Track Reading Time

Use our Teacher Dashboard as a tool to track students' reading. Kids have fun using digital tools at home, and you can set goals, monitor progress and celebrate success!
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